Submitting a review to Apple App Store.

Instructions for submitting a review from a mobile device.

A large number of people have contacted us asking how they can write a review. They are telling us that it is difficult to find the correct page for submitting a review.
On this page you can see in simple screenshots how to go from finding the app on App Store to writing the review and giving it a score of up to 5 stars and then sending the review to the Apple App Store.

Open App Store on your device.

App Store Search

Search for the app you wish to review
App Store Results

On the top left, click the app icon
App Store App Icon

On the next page click on reviews
App Store Review Button

Click write a review
App Store Write pane

Sign in to iTunes Store

You will be asked to enter your password

Select the number of stars

Add your NickName
Give the review a Title
Write your review


Click send at the top right of the screen

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