SEO (Search Engine optimization)

SEO is all about search engines determining the relevance of the content on your web site.

Search Engines today use many different ways to do this. It may be the words on your page, or the URL name on your site, or combinations of everything

Optimizing your web site enables search engines to understand your web site content better.
Using an algorithm to determine from keywords, key phrases, word content, and images helps search engines to understand what your website is about.


The three major search engines in use today

SEO for google SEO for bing   SEO for yahoo

Web traffic is driven by a few major search engines GoogleBing,  and Yahoo. These are the three best known, but now social media is starting to generate traffic to web sites as well.

Search engines answer questions that are asked by users, and then
return the pages that they think contains the most relevant

When publishing your website, a web specialist will register it with the search engines. This is the start of the SEO process.

The internet search engines are probably the best, and most cost effective methods of advertising your business today.
The purpose of optimizing your website is not only for the search engines to find your site, but to give your visitors the best
experience possible, making your site easy to use, and easy to find what they searched for in the search engine.

We at Karmeleon Studio have more than 50 years combined experience, using this experience we can offer SEO services , and web site building.

Contact us We can improve your search engine ranking, because you must want to get your web site ranked higher on the web.
Just like all things on the internet, SEO takes time and patience.
The changes made on your web site, are not immediate and take time before being shown in the search engine results.