How to Play Cliffhanger


Simply tap in the blue rectangle, type a letter and tap C:\Users\David\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCacheContent.Word\try.jpg

If the letter exists in the word, the penguin jumps, and the letter replaces the blanks in the position(s) where it occurs.

If the letter does not exist in the word, the penguin moves closer, and you lose an attempt. You have 5 incorrect attempts in total. 

If you complete the word within the 5 attempts, then the baby penguin appears.

If you do not manage to complete the word within 5 attempts, then the penguin jumps in the water, and the missing letters are filled in.

*To get the first letter of the word, tap




To get the letter statistics of the word, tap




To look up the meaning of a word, tap 




For online help, tap 




To get the next word, tap 




To send your feedback or comments by email, tap 




*If the first letter has already been filled, a random letter appears.