Karmeleonstudio proudly presents the second game for iPhone and iPad.

Cliffhanger is an entertaining word game to test your spelling, vocabulary and logical ability.

For each word, you are given a number of blanks corresponding to the number of letters Your challenge is to reveal the word by discovering the component letters, using powers of deduction, your knowledge of the English language, and a little help from a penguin!

Tap a letter, then tap <try>. If the letter exists in the word, the penguin jumps and the letter replaces the blank(s) where it occurs, If the letter does not exist, then penguin advances towards the water. You are permitted 5 incorrect letters. If you reveal the word within the 5, a baby penguin appears. If you do not manage to discover the word, the penguin jumps in the water and splashes the screen (It’s almost worth getting the word wrong just for this!), and the ‘missing’ letters are revealed.

To help you, you can tap the <statistics> button to reveal the statistics of the letter occurrence.

If you are stuck, you can tap the <hint> button for a random letter.

But be warned, some of the words are fiendishly difficult! So if you do not know the meaning of a word, tap the <dictionary> button to look the word up in the on-line dictionary. (ratiocination, anyone?)

The application can be played offline, and is aimed at those who enjoy word challenges, or wish to improve their English vocabulary.


  • Cliffhanger contains 600 words
  • Simple easy to play interface
  • Amusing animations
  • If you are stuck, get a hint or look up the word statistics
  • Look up the meaning of obscure words in the online dictionary


Cliffhanger is available in 2 versions: Pro and Lite

Pro contains 600 words, and is priced €0.99
Download 4SightLite on the App Store

Lite contains 60 words, and is free to download
Download 4SightLite on the App Store

How to play Cliffhanger

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