5 thoughts on “4Sight”

  1. I like the game, but I think it’s a bit too difficult for Americans to play. For example, three clue words in “Easy” mode are: whistle, biscuit and mine. Using the hints, I figured out that the answer is “tin”. Whistle and mine both apply, but a biscuit in the US (dinner roll or dumpling) is not the same as a biscuit in the UK (cookie or cracker). Cookies here also aren’t usually packaged in tins (metal containers) but in paper bags or plastic boxes. So this puzzle was unintentionally difficult for me.

    Another problem is American English vs. British English spelling: color vs. colour; realize vs. realise; and defense vs. defence. I think that defense is the answer to one of the harder puzzles (one of the clue words is classified), but if I spell it in American English the game will tell me I’m wrong!

    Due to these issues I will probably delete the app. It would help if the game developers indicated their country of origin in the App store, so non-UK residents would know that the app is not tailored for them.

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