Newsletter 3 February 2017

”Creativity is intelligence having fun” – Albert Einstein


Welcome to KarmeleonStudio’s third Newsletter. A belated New Year’s greeting, but we at KarmeleonStudio have been extremely busy with new developments – see ‘pipeline’ below. 

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KarmeleonStudio offers a creative outlook for writers. We present our first submission: a highly original short story on a contemporary theme. If you wish to read it, < click here > - but you are warned that it contains some strong language, and is not suitable for children.


Following the success of 4Sight, we are proud to announce the planned release of two new games! 



Cliffhanger is a twist on the classic ‘Hangman’ game. 1000 sneaky, cunning and obscure words to challenge and improve your vocabulary and spelling.


The endearing penguin animates for correct and incorrect answers.


Plus there is a link to an online dictionary so you can look up words you do not know (ratiocination, anyone?)


The planned release date is early March 2017.


The Pro version will be priced €0.99. There will also be a free to download Lite version.




SquareBash: 100 different challenges to fit 8 coloured shapes into the playing area around coloured pegs.


There are five levels of difficulty, and on the first level you receive the first shape as a helper.


The planned release date is mid April 2017.


The Pro version will be priced €1.99. There will also be a free to download Lite version.


If you would like to receive more details of these exciting games, plus advanced notification of the release date, please fill in a comment. The first 50 will receive a promo code to enable you to download to Pro version for free.



Is now reduced in the Apple App Store. Priced at just €0.99, it makes a fantastic and unusual extra gift for someone with an iPhone or iPad!

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Write a Review

Post a review for 4SightLite in the Apple App Store, fill in a comment, and we will send you a promotion code for 4SightPro which can be used to download the app free!


First Aid!

We have reduced the number of points deducted when you ask for a hint, but if you still get stuck, leave a comment with the clue words that you are stuck on, and we will get back to you.

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Is a new application which is free to download, and enables enthusiastic cooks to organize their recipes and menus. It is available for PCs running Microsoft Windows.

For further in formation < click here >.


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  • Moving just 2 matches in the picture below, make 4 squares. You must use all the straws, they must all join, you may not place straws diagonally.





Send Your Questions, Comments & Feedback:

Send Your Questions, Comments & Feedback: